Father's Day Reflection

Melody and Eloise,

My precious girls.  It has been a long journey to get where we are today.  I am proud daddy that has two beautiful girls.  Thanks for being so special.  Words can not describe how much you mean to your daddy.  I love being your daddy and you girls give me hope.  I was looking at old pictures of you girls and I came across this one.   My amazing superstar girls. There is nothing like holding you two.  I enjoy every moment with you girls and look forward to our new memories and adventures.


Daddy and his superstar girls


Mel's Turning Seven


Happy birthday my precious little princess.  Your beauty is both on the outside and the inside.  I know it has been hard on you the last two years.  Daddy is here for you and will never allow our absence again.  Thank you for celebrating your birthday with me.  I loved playing with you in the pool and just simply being around you.  You give me hope Melody.  I can't express how much joy you have given me in my life.  My Mel, Mel is simple amazing.  Enjoy your day.  Hopefully, Ella can love on you today as well.  The best big sister needs some love too.


Daddy and his birthday wishes


Getting to Know you Girls All over Again

Melody, and Eloise,

I just wanted to say it has been a blessing having the opportunity to be back in your lives.  I feel like the time when you two were first born.  Racing to the hospital in anticipation for your arrival.  All of my hopes and dreams for you running through my head all over again.  I can not get the two and half years I have lost with you girls back but I can make a difference now.  I love seeing that you Melody are just as caring towards your young sister as you were on the first day Eloise was born.  You were so excited to meet Eloise.  I see it in your patience with Eloise and how you share with your little sister.  Daddy is the happiest daddy in the world when you Ella run into my arms.   Thank you for embracing me right away.  You girls are so special and I wanted to share that I am enjoying ever minute of our reunion.


Daddy and his open heart



Mel Mel and Elster,

Girls what a blessing it was to finally see you girls.  I know that journey has been difficult and I am so glad we finally can restart our next adventures together.  Melody, your true beauty is ever present.  Your kind heart towards Ella makes me so proud.  Words can't describe how much I love you both.  Eloise, you make your daddy melt when you say, "daddy".  Ella, what a treat to hold you.  It takes me back to   when you were one.  Thank you for sharing and waiting for your daddy.  Next week, I get to see you girls again, daddy so looks forward to seeing you girls.


Daddy and reunions


The Reunion Is Upon US

Melody and Eloise,

It is finally here! This Friday I get to see your pretty little faces.  Daddy can not put into words his excitement to see you girls.  It has a been a long journey and I promise you that Daddy will never allow us to be apart again.  My love for you girls never fades.  To be in your arms is all I seek.  Thank you girls for being patient and allowing your daddy to part of your lives.  Our reunion needs to be celebrated.  I can't think of a better celebration than daddy's favorite treat in the world.  Candy, Candy, Candy.  See you girls soon.


Daddy and his sweet little girls


The Beauty of FaceTime

Mel and El,

It is finally upon on us, we can finally talk.  I love hearing and seeing your beautiful faces.  I truly appreciate our conversions.  Your daddy is so proud of you girls.  The amount you two have grown is incredible.  Eloise you are fun and spunky and Melody you haven't lost a beat.  Thanks, for being my little princesses.  My heart grows as we have reconnected.  Daddy's past is behind him and we can restart what we once had.  I am luckiest daddy in the world to get have you two special angels in my life.  Soon, we will be able to see each other in person.  Can't wait, can't wait and once again can't wait.


Daddy and his priceless babies


Excited Day Ahead

Melody and Eloise,

It's official girls, tomorrow we are allowed to talk.  Can't wait to see you girls on FaceTime in the morning.  My two little princess have grown and daddy looks forward to seeing all your changes.  It is finally hear, our reunion if official.  Your voices alone are going to make daddy cry.  Miss you girls and look forward in four weeks to see my precious angels.


Daddy and his angels